Saturday, 17 May 2014


When I was doing my bachelors degree
Nothing annoyed me more
Than the temerity
Of those mature age students

You know the earnest kind
That asked questions
Or wanted to discuss

the feminist perspective

that seemed interested in the actual course
like they may have done the actual readings
and wanted to actually discuss
the actual ideas

acting like they came here to learn

when the rest of us
just wanted

to go

to Shadows

and get


wake up in someone else’s bed drunk
but it’s ok
because I can’t actually remember
how I got there anyway
and there are songs that tell me that I can
blame it on the a –a –a –a alcohol

I was doing law

and you KNOW there is nothing as arrogant
as a fucking law-student-straight-out-of-high-school
(the decile ten ones where everyone’s daddy is a doctor
or a judge)
who think they own the world
even when
they’re barely
scraping through

those golden children
who tell themselves their parents
should be grateful
because they are fulfilling
their dreams

who sit in class
playing candy crush
or waiting to see how many people like
their statuses
on facebook
who can’t wait

                    to cross-examine

the shit

out of someone

in real life.

But in real life

I work in a male dominated industry

And get paaaaaiiiiiid (hi 5 to me)
much more than my sisters ever will
despite their Masters degrees
in early childhood education

and I barely even have time
to reflect on that
or on life’s other little ironies
as I pass off my children off
to them
at 8am
and kiss their foreheads
and say confidently
“Mummy’s going out
to change the world”.

In real life

There are hardworking
Who will never get the opportunity
To go to university
No matter how much we talk about equality

Who won’t know
that they are smart enough
Who haven’t been told
how clever they are
Because their mum’s busy mopping the supermarket floor
and their dad is going on another night tour
those kids don’t need
to learn humility
they see it
in the eyes of their parents




they get off the phone
with WINZ

so they can’t even imagine
taking on a loan
they just want to go out
and save
their family
from drowning in debt

and yet

When I was doing my bachelors degree
Nothing annoyed me more
Than the temerity
Of those mature age students

Acting like
they came here

to learn.


Anonymous said...

sisilia- this speaks soo much truth. :-) loved it!


Teine Samoa said...

Thanks Jasmine,

That's why I put up poetry on my blog- hoping others read it and it speaks a truth to them too.

Malelega said...

This is beautiful Sisilia.

Teine Samoa said...

Thanks Omega- I am really glad you like it

Nydia Aloaina said...

Loved this one...God it's so us back in uni. Arrogant little shets lol.

Vitoria said...

Love this! Would love to share this with my students if that's okay.

Teine Samoa said...

Thanks Nyds and Vitoria. Vitoria please feel free to use and share. Am glad people are enjoying the poetry.

Laura Writes said...

Your poetry <3

Pablo (yo) said...

Great blog!!

If you like, come back and visit mine:

Pablo from Argentina