Friday, 29 July 2011

So Crazy in Love

We just got back from the fatherland (there will be at least one blog on that subject shortly). Both me and my love were and are exhausted. Our trip was unexpected and unplanned. My love's dear Grandpa passed away and, as soon as we heard, he went directly from PNG where he had been working for 3 weeks, to Auckland and then to Samoa. I had two days to organise my travel with my darling four month old. Needless to say the house was left in a state of chaos. Even greater chaos then me alone for 3 weeks with a 4 month old could produce (for those of you who don't know me, that is a considerable amount of mess).

But when we walked in the house after virtually no sleep, my love didn't comment on the fact that we were tripping over clothes and clothes hangers. We took our baby and collapsed on our bed. When we (finally) woke up, he went shopping and then barbequed up a storm. He happily tramped around Sydney yesterday as we spent time with my youngest brother. Today my love took me out to brunch, and then when we got home and I was susu-ing Lagi, he managed to unpack our bags and clean EVERYTHING even behind the back of the fridge without me asking (although it is widely known that I am not a domestic goddess and thus the likelihood of me asking or thinking to ask about cleaning anything let alone behind a fridge is zero to none). So today he is officially PERFECT.

It's not the big dramatic expensive gestures. Love isn't a movie. It's the every day thoughtfulness, the every day considerations, it's the every day LOVE. These are the things that show me that I am treasured, adored, loved by the man I love. It's the every day things that have you humming that stupid Beyonce song (the one that you don't even particularly like). So yes I realise this sort of love is sickening to the public at large but I can't help it- I guess I am just 'looking so crazy in love'.


lilidonna said...

Hello, name's Donna. New follower. Love this blog :) This is how I think of love... Not big sweeping gestures but everyday signs of love. Consciously choosing to love the other person day in day out. Sounds like you have a real keeper on your hands!


Teine Samoa said...

Hi Donna, Thanks- both for reading and for commenting. It's always great to get feedback. Yep today is definitely one of those days I am sure I am keeping him! Ae e iai foi isi aso... LOL!!!

Coconut Girl said...

Well I'm sure you don't need to guess just how envious I am of your relationship. He ONLY does all that for you, because he knows how LUCKY he is to have you :)

Teine Samoa said...

Thanks Coconut, it could be that we are still in the honeymoon period or more accurately the pre-honeymoon period because SCANDALOUSLY we are yet to wed. So you know he still has to get me to that alter! LOL! I am truly not sure how after years of adventures and stubbornly celebrating singledom , I managed to stumble across the perfect guy for me. Still a real relationship is for the long haul and we have our ups and downs and have things to work on like everyone. But he is special and I believe I'll still be feeling lucky in 5, 10, 25 years (to life Lol)