Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Big blog love

Just when self-congratulation wasn't enough anymore, I got nominated for my first ever blog award. Woooohoooo! By coconut girl who really needs no introduction from me, but I am going to go ahead and introduce her anyway. Now a lot of people may think I love CG's blog because of it's sometimes salacious and scandalous nature. Being Samoan, how could I resist that combination. But it's simply not true. I love CG's blog because she is the bravest blogger I know. She tells it like it is. And it rips your heart out. And the way she writes, can have you laughing and crying in the same post. She has a gift. Now let's all hope her controversial blogging doesn't get her stalked and killed as we need that talent amongst us!

SO back to the award- it recognizes awesome fun "new and upcoming blogs with less than 200 followers". By the way coconut, there is no way you have less than 200 followers, it's just that they aren't 'official'!!!!

The rules of the award are:
1. Thank the giver and link back to the blogger who gave it to you.
2. Reveal your top 5 picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
3. Copy and paste the award on your blog.
4. Have faith that your followers will spread the love to other bloggers.
5. And most of all - have bloggity-blog fun.

I am very rle-oriented but here's where things get a little tricky. First of all many of the blogs I would have picked (like Sleepless, Swiss Hamo, Rock Fob , libertine and of course CG herself) have already been nominated because they are just awesome like that (man, I better hurry up and finish writing this before every blog I stalk is nominated) Secondly I don't actually know how to put up a picture or link back because I am new to this whole blogger thing. I will give it the good ol' college try, as the Americans say in their movies (I have yet to hear someone say that in real life but I don't live in the States, I live in Sydney, and I believe movies are directly reflective of that society as a whole).

So here's my top 5 picks
1. Kuaback's blahblahblah - Kuaback often has me laughing and in furious agreement all at the same time.

2. Tamaooo- This guy's writing is raw and real and has you looking at yourself. It can be confronting, when someone writes like that, straight from the soul, without self-cesure. It makes for compelling reading.

3.the bloggess - I admit I have only read one of her posts but it was hilarious and come to think of it she may have more than 200 followers but pugi I'm trying to show I'm widely read (as opposed to just stalking other crazy islander bloggers)

4. Faikakala- for the title of the blog alone- it is so damn smart! Fotu writes beautifully of new motherhood. I read her writing and feel we are experiencing the same funny, crazy, lovely moments of new motherhood.

5. Sleepless - Ok I realised you've been nominated before but I can't help it. If I left out your blog it just wouldn't be a true reflection of how often I click on your page (both my laptop and my iphone automatically bring up your blog when I type in 'S'. I love your insightful blog and it inspired me to start my own (slightly less insightful) one.

Happy blog reading and remember, when you're feeling the blog, comment on it. Feedback is always interesting. As CG can attest.


Coconut Girl said...

Haha stop it TS, you're making this brown-skinned girl blush :) I'm also hoping I don't get stalked and killed...I want to at least live to see the end of year Xmas parties lol.

I had the same dilemma, so many darn good bloggers out there and I didn't want to offend anyone. So I am really glad you chose Kuaback and Faikakala on your top 5 - they were on my top 5 - but I was forced to put in Goddess (because I'm related to her and I don't want family drama) and Stella (because she's my friend and will possibly spill all the dirty details on my life on blog if I didn't add her ha).

Lani Wendt Young said...

Thank you Teine Samoa! Its kinda funny because i really thought that only a meager handful of people were reading my blog and its only been recently that I started to realize that its more like two handfuls of people who read it. This freaked me out bigtime because its a lot easier to blah blah when you think nobody is reading. Tougher to think that maybe someone i pass on the street, at church, etc is reading my semi-lustful, semi-nutty, semi-complain-so'o thoughts...which is why i totally agree with your remarks about Coconut Girl. She's brave and gutsy and i wish i could be more like that with my own writing. Same goes for Kuaback, RockFob, Goddess and Faikakala and Stella... And yes, i do think we need to get CocoGirl some security...cos i would hate for her to get assasinated for her free free speech. Im really loving the growing network of Samoan/PI women bloggers that I am connecting with online - i follow the comments for everyones blogs avidly. I feel privileged to have such awesome blogger friends to hang out with. (and sorry this comment is a novel...)

Teine Samoa said...

Ioe CG- Christmas parties are important too! LOL! Lani I like novel length comments (as you may have gathered from my own novel length comments). And I love the community of crazy islander bloggers that I have just joined (and that you are leading ;-) )

Fotu said...

Thank you for the nomination! Feeling all special right about now. Particularly since I win the award for LOUSIEST UPDATER (no competition)! I do read though and I'm just loving that there's become so many of us. And everyone is just so damn funny. I love it! Thanks again Teine Samoa :)

Teine Samoa said...

I am about to go back to work at the end of this month Fotu, and I'm pretty sure that will coincide with a serious drying up of my blogging! I am typing this while Lagi complains (not actual crying yet but unhappy sounds) that his mummy isn't lying next to him as he goes to sleep (or at least as I hope he is going to sleep)- so don't worry, I am sure I'm about to take that award from you!!!

kuaback said...

awww..thanks for the blog love TS. I don't know why anyone would like to read my psycho blahblahrings..lol. And I have no idea who to nomintate since pretty much everyone I follow are all nominated..oh shbang..