Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Ua leva leva aso

Hello Samoan Sydney siders, fellow faikakalas and fans (one likes to be optimistic about these things)

Ua leva leva aso

It's been a long long long time .... you may or may not recall that the last time that I posted it was all about my New Year's resolution to blog more... and it is now June. This definitively proves the correlation between my New Year's resolution and inaction.  Once I have resolved to do something at New Year, the stars pretty much align to make sure it's never ever ever going to happen.  Which explains why I have never been able to exercise... obviously it's not laziness.... it's a cosmic conspiracy! That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

But what have I been up to, you ask, dear reader.... well now that would be telling... which after all is what a blog is all about so here's the highlights

1) I have been planning parties.  I should leave it there for you all to wonder at my glamour and mystique without confessing that one of those parties was to celebrate my munchkin turning one (with all the glamour, smeared chocolate cake and crazy ball pit action that implies), and it remains the highlight of my social life (though it was 4 months ago)...

2) I have been hard at work, and it is now official, that being official saps away my will to live creativity. Though I make fun of it, tell you all that I console myself with cream dougnuts pep talks about being productive and pay slips the truth is that I am secretly (or not so secretly) one of those geeky people who actually loves their jobs at least this week . Even though it takes me away from my darling bub a bit too often.  Since my last blog from Langkawi, the job has taken me back to Kuala Lumpur, to Jakarta and to Suva.

3) I took a holiday (or as much of a holiday one can have with a very much loved and very used to being the centre of attention 1 year old) and went to New Zealand to reunite and reignite with the love of my life.  I was ready to dance and be romanced. Ae faimai foi si a'u toalua ua uma ga aso..... ummmm helllloooo.... we're not even married yet! Ouuuutttrrraaeegeeeouusss!!!!

4) I celebrated Independence in style, even though I wasn't in Samoa, with  a few drinks with some fellow FOBs.  It was fabulous to meet up with old friends and old school mates.  We braved the cold and crowds at the Opera Bar,  and sipped champagne, and hummed UB40 (or maybe that last part was just me!)

5) I've luxuriated in my own little luxuries... other women might like manicures or own indulgence is books.  Reading remains my refuge- a place I can escape to, and there's nothing I love better than curling up with my darling bub sleeping sweetly next to me and a great book.   Here's some which rate a special mention
The Snow Child by Eowyn  Ivey- a magical story about a couple  homesteading in Alaska in the 1920s
The Light between Oceans by  M.L Stedman- a story about longing and morality based in Perth
Behind the Beautiful Forevers by Katherine Boo- a narrative nonfiction that relates the realities of a Mumbai slum

And speaking of books... I was prompted/ inspired to get back on this blog by seeing that the amazing Lani Wendt Young had released her second book.  I don't know how she manages it all, with 5 kids (because I am barely getting by with my one little one), but I am in awe. I have only read tantalising tidbits ... but I can't wait to read the second book in the Telesa series. The print version of  ;"When Water Burns" is now available for worldwide purchase from Amazon.


Lani Wendt Young said...

Yay she blogged! About time...*shaking my head at your blgger absence...* Missed u in the blogosphere but glad to see that you didnt blog because you were very busy with LIFE - which is as it should be. thank you for the book shout-out. And hoping u find time to squeeze in a few more blogposts every now and again!

Teine Samoa said...

Thanks Lani, It's great to be back :-)