Saturday, 12 April 2014

Kept safe in five syllables

                                    Photo Credit: Lynne-Marie Eteuati

Kept safe in five syllables

a haiku for my
faraway parents
        alofa tele atu

Parents in Japan
See cherry trees blossoming
Here grandchildren bloom

Fleeting beauty bolts
past like childhood much too fast
and we clutch at both

constrained by ingrained
tautua mo Samoa
My father’s duty

We know no beauty
can compare but true service
is a sacrifice

and both of them have
always been so generous
of spirit and self

honour them knowing
their Facebook smiles do not show
they left their hearts here

Ta - ni - fa -te - a
Kept safe in five syllables
Ti - gi - i - la - gi

Author's postscript: I honour my parents and I honour the work they do for our country, and I have the deepest respect for the beautiful cultured country that they do that work in (which is why I clumsily tried to use the haiku- a Japanese art form).  But we miss them- terribly.

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