Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Confessions and Kindles

I'm going to make a confession. Though to be honest it's not much of a secret. I'm a bookworm- a voracious consumer of books, a worshipper of the written word, a passionate lover of stories. I've had a life long love affair with books- they have been my steady companion, my fast friend, my ardent flame.

Yes I have flirted with movies and television shows on occasion. But it is books-the way you can curl up with them, the way they spark imagination and inspire introspection (and to be honest, the way they are exclusive, a true personal experience)- that have my heart.

I was the kid that chose to spend lunchtimes in the library. No, it was not because I didn't have any friends! I also maintain it was not just because I sucked at skipping (I'd trip before teddy bear even climbed those stairs) and elastics (I could do M.I.SS.I.SS.I.PP.I at knee level...maybe). Books were the doorways to other worlds, other universes, and I loved immersing myself in them in the cool darkness of the library in the middle of a sunny Samoan day.

Of course in every love affair there are issues. One of the very things I love about books, their textile nature, their weight and bulk, have weighed down my bags, bent my back, overflown from my shelves. And then there's the problem that they say is the number one cause of relationship breakdown- finances. Books are expensive. Here in Australia you can easily pay $25-$35 for a book. Now conservatively I can go through several books. Not a week, a day! That's a pretty costly habit (and somehow I always seem to be severely skint so cost is an issue for me).

So my love got me a kindle for my birthday (and when I say he got me a kindle, I mean I ordered it, and told him that's what he got me... and my understanding darling dutifully paid for it (refer to previous posts about his perfectness for me)). I am officially in love. Yes with him, but also with my kindle. It is AWESOME! I can cart around hundreds (maybe even thousands) of books. It slips sexily into my handbag and sits there, reasuring me when I'm on a 3 hour flight that even if my beloved baby deigns to sleep, I will not be bored. It is AWESOME! The kindle is so thin and lightweight, I can flick through those books with one hand while susu-ing Lagi with the other. It is AWESOME! I can download books for a fraction of the price. It really is AWESOME! I was sure to outline all of these benefits of my birthday present to my love. He was especially pleased about my cost benefit analysis as like all young(ish) couples we are on a budget.

I still love browsing bookstores, I still buy books there too (Amazon doesn't carry a full range of Australian and New Zealand literature and of course one of the greatest joys of my life is buying books for Lagi and introducing him to the joys of reading), trips to the library are still one of my greatest pleasures, but I love this new technology that gives us yet another way to enjoy reading. Life is just a little bit better with my kindle.

Even though I have discovered that when you can shop for books from the luxury of your bed, and they are delivered a few seconds later to your kindle, even the 'fraction of a price' e-books can really add up. So much for cost benefit. Oh well it's still definitely lighter.


Lani Wendt Young said...

I am riddled with envy. Im still reading ebooks on my laptop. And lying in bed holding onto a laptop reading a book is so very uncomfortable. Esp if u doze off and it hits you on the head.The Hot Man was going to get me a kindle for my bday but I was stupid and said - no i want an iPad instead. And then he looked at the cost and said, how about a hug and a kiss? Now Im back to lusting for a kindle. Maybe i will get me one for xmas. Or actually Thanksgiving is closer! White Sunday is even closer! (can mothers of 5 children get presents on white sunday too?)
I am a total believer in the ebk revolution. I love being able to meander thru amazon and then click! Instant book gratification. Ebks are the greatest invention. Rite up there next to my hair straightener machine thing. gotta love technology.

Coconut Girl said...

Thank you for this post - I was like "WHAT is a kindle?" That's how behind the times I am. And e-books are but a myth to me. I'm still in the "buy books from CCK" era, sadly. Next time one of you comes over, bring me a hard drive full of ebooks is all I ask :)

reesa said...

And I borrow them from Coconut - when she remembers to bring them! Okay, am googling kindles

Anonymous said...

Have been trying to reply all week but have been gagged by this bloody computer!!! ARRRGGHHH!!!! Ok one more try.
Lani I should have mentioned the other awesome thing about the kindle was being able to download your short stories. Coconut and Neesa, when I lived in Samoa (many years ago) I was so bereft of bookstores but on my most recent trip I saw Samoa bookstore at Lotemau centre- LOVE at first sight (unreasonable, illogical love that didn't count the cost- thus I am currently BROKE). TS

kuaback said...

I can finally comment on your blog... Aren't kindles the shizz though???? I don't have one but I have the kindle app for iPhones and it's not as great as the real thing.

Teine Samoa said...

I feel your frustration kuaback- I finally had to comment on my own blog as anonymous BUT I think / hope that I've fixed it. I love iphone too. Especially with the bub so I can stalk your blogs while I am up all night susu-ing. LOL!

Bina said...

Hi TS, I found your 'Kindle' post...hehe. So it lacks in the sex and scandal of CG's posts of late, but it is very enjoyable nonetheless.

I was one of the "What's a kindle?" people myself until I read this, so thank you for the info. Saved me from buying them on Amazon (kiga ga le iloa, ae faakau a...fob)

Coconut Girl said...

Finally she does pop-ups...makes my life so much easier :) Yes the Samoa Stationery Bookshop I think is the one you're referring too TS. And yeah, the prices are a bit beyond my budget...I go there only when my kid's booklist from school must be bought...and even then i'm kicking and screaming all the way there. I just found another nifty second-hand bookstore-ish place - Value Village which sells second hand clothes - their range of books is quite awesome.

But still, a kindle and a credit card are like, way better :)

Teine Samoa said...

Thanks Bina, Ioe, unfortunately there is no sex and scandal in my life right now, thus my too goody-two-shoes blog! LOL!!!! I know, I know CG, I am like totally still working out how to work this bloody blog thing. Finally know that pop-ups make it easier for everyone (including myself) to comment. And how do you guys do that line through thingy. Curious minds need to know!!! Oh and P.S CG I didn't realise I couldn't afford it either until got back to Aus and credit card got DECLINED! Whoopsie! Ova le fia mauoa, ae leiloa e broken faasoloakoa!!!! LOL!!!