Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Back on the band wagon

So when I fall off the band wagon, I really fall off the band wagon! On my ass! Luckily I've got so much cushioning back there!

Of course I have a lot of good excuses. I have had to work (I would add "my ass off" at the end of that session but as you may have picked up from my previous statement, the level of my hard work doesn't ever result in reducing my rather sizeable behind resulting in the svelte new figure that I so obviously deserve!!!!... *sniff, sniff* poor me). I have been on the road- cause Mama is a rolling stone. Since the last post (several months ago) I have been to New Zealand (twice), Niue, Korea and am currently joining you, dear friends from Langkawi, Malaysia. The other issue is that apart from complaining about the amount of travel I do, and the amount of work I have on, I clearly can't rant about work which has been taking over my whole life because I'm just professional like that. I ALSO have a very active baby boy who loves to wrestle his mummy into submission, or crawl determinedly off to whatever looks the most dangerous or forbidden thing in any room. The love of my life's daddy is more often out of the country than in it, conveniently being absent for said wrestling activities (which I highly suspect he taught Lagi in the first place) or to save our darling from chomping on electric cords or toppling the television on top of himself. Yes I have excuses!!! But I have missed the blogging. I have missed having a regular outlet, a way to de-stress, I have missed looking at the computer and smiling, I have missed the interaction with other crazy bloggers balancing their own crazy lives but still managing to write!!

So here I am, stealing a moment to say Happy 2012 (11 days later). I'm not sure about the whole New Years resolution thing. It seems to require... well... resolution ie. a determination to do something. The only thing I'm determined to do after getting through each day, is curl up with my baby and attempt to get some sleep! Still I would like to find more time to blog and to do more things outside of work, so I have something interesting to actually blog about. Stay tuned...


ulalei said...

YAY! Welcome back Ms Fobilicious! I got all excited when I saw your post on my reader... and yes please, keep them coming! :)

Have a fantastic 2012 filled with happiness and love! :) (i amaze myself with my cheesiness! lol)

The samoan stranged in Switzerland

Teine Samoa said...

Sorry it's taken me so long to say thanks Ulalei- it was mostly GUILT because I wasnt blogging after I wrote this despite my best intentions! I'm trying a lot harder now, and I really appreciate the encouragement esp, from my Samoan sister bloggers. One love! Lol!